YouGov Elections 2012

Calling All Writers!

Submit your entry for a chance to be featured on the YouGov website.

Over the course of the election campaign, YouGov is running a series of essay-writing competitions. Every two weeks we'll offer you the chance to submit an entry on the hot topic of the moment, and winning entries will be published on the YouGov website over the coming months. Remember, we like to hear about what people think, so be sure to write yoursubmissions from your perspective, or that of your town or community.

We're looking for:

Written articles between 200-800 words long

This week's topic:

Important issues: if you had to choose ONE issue that was going to decide the upcoming presidential election for you, what would it be and why?

If you could speak directly to Obama and Romney, what would you tell them they had to do to secure your vote?

Submission Guidelines

With all submissions, please include your name, age, where you live, your occupation, and a picture, along with any other details you wish to include, to personalize it as much as possible. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, let us know.

Email your submission to:

Send submissions by Friday June 1st.

We're looking for well-written, thoughtful, and interesting blog posts, so send them publishing-ready!

And remember: it is your opinions we are interested in — how you feel about your chosen issue, why you feel the way you do, and what your experience has been. Happy blogging!

Panelists' Commentary