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It's Tax Day!


Most Americans expect to receive a tax refund this year, and are more upset by people who don't pay their fair share than the amount ... read more

Obamacare: Still divisive, still disliked


The country is still highly divided over Obamacare, with many wanting to repeal it even as half of Democrats want to expand the law The ... read more

Reputation Audit: Rand Paul


Rand Paul is popular among independents, and he is viewed as more honest than many politicians First-term Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been “thinking about” ... read more

Reputation Audit: Chris Christie


The scandal over closing lanes on the George Washington Bridge has done lasting damage to Chris Christie's public image Just a few months ago, New ... read more

Has nothing changed since the cold war?


Most Americans suspect that Russian territorial aims don't stop in Crimea, but most also oppose any US involvement in Ukraine Most Americans believe that Russia ... read more

Have we solved the banking crisis?


Most Americans think that the banks can survive another economic crisis, while support for stricter regulation of the financial sector has declined Since the financial ... read more

Americans like the CIA - not Congress


Americans tend to think that the CIA can be trusted to make the right decisions, but still don't think that Congressional oversight has been good ... read more

Maintain good relations instead of punishing Russia


Most Americans say that it's more important to maintain good relations with Russia in order to keep their cooperation on Iran, than it is to ... read more

If not Hillary, then who?


Few women politicians apart from Hillary Clinton are known to most of the American public, though most do think that America is ready to elect ... read more

Americans agree on a path to citizenship – but don't expect Congress to act


Americans support a path for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship, but do not think Congress will pass reforms. Americans now clearly agree that there should ... read more


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