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MH17 crash a 'threat to world peace', with onus on Putin


Most Americans think the shooting down of MH17 is a threat to world peace, and the public say that Vladimir Putin is mostly to blame ... read more

Has the uninsured rate gone down? Americans disagree


Most Democrats think the number of people with health insurance has increased since last July, while most Republicans do not All indications are that under ... read more

Hillary Clinton: Far from broke


Americans say that Hillary Clinton is wealthy and has been for some time, and many also think that she doesn't understand the problems faced by ... read more

Americans back Israel - but does the government?


Americans tend to sympathize more with the Israelis than the Palestinian in their conflict, but people who support Israel aren't sure that the US government ... read more

Slow improvements in public opinion on Obamacare


Over the last six months, opinions of the ACA have slowly improved from their November lows When the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was adopted in ... read more

Job gains yet to convince Americans the economy is improving


The unemployment rate may be falling, but many Americans still perceive a stagnating economy The steady – but slow – drop in the country’s unemployment ... read more

Most fliers happy with current TSA screening procedures


Air travelers say that new TSA rules will make air travel more convenient and won't have any impact either way on the safety of air ... read more

Supreme Court's favorability increases after Hobby Lobby decision


Public opinion of the Supreme Court has improved in the wake of the Hobby Lobby decision, particularly among independents Last week’s controversial Supreme Court Hobby ... read more

On SCOTUS justices, the public gets it right


YouGov asked Americans to rate how liberal or conservative each Supreme Court justice is – and overall people get it very close to the mark ... read more

No political benefit for either party from current Iraq struggle


Americans are most likely to trust neither party when it comes to Iraq, and George W. Bush and Barack Obama share the blame for the ... read more


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