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Women and the Democrats


Unmarried women lean heavily towards Democrats in the upcoming midterms, unlike men and married women The Democratic Party has put faith in victory in the ... read more

Republicans happier with their house reps than Democrats are


Republicans tend to be happier with their representative than Democrats, but GOP voters are much less keen on their party leaders Americans don’t like Congress, ... read more

How to combat ISIS: support for air strikes, but not for sending troops


The support Americans give to new military engagement in the Middle East extends to air strikes but not to troops on the ground or arming moderate Syrian ... read more

Americans support the president's ISIS policy – but not the president


Most people continue to disapprove of Obama's response to the ISIS threat, even as they support the actions he has taken to counter it Although ... read more

Americans are evenly divided on Scottish independence


However, those who are actually following the issue are more likely to say Scotland should remain in the United Kingdom Only half the American public ... read more

Partisanship and action: How a speech can help


Whether or not the public supports a particular executive order depends a lot on which party they and the President that issued it are in ... read more

Looking back at the 2008 financial crisis


The 2008 financial crisis has left a lasting memory of personal impact for all Americans, but opinions differ widely on where America finds itself today ... read more

Democrats may need convincing on Syria


Support for military action in Iraq is high, but the President may have to work to convince Democrats to support air strikes in Syria When ... read more

Americans like Medicare and Medicaid, but parties split on expansion


Americans overwhelmingly like Medicaid and Medicare and support Medicaid expansion, though Republicans like Medicaid much less than they like Medicare When the Affordable Care Act ... read more

Chris Christie's Foreign Policy Lesson


Half of Republican voters may like Chris Christie but his favorability is lower than other likely GOP candidates for 2016 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie ... read more


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