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Is the Republican honeymoon over?


Republican attitudes towards their Congressional leaders have become more negative only a week after the election Last week, the Economist/YouGov Poll showed a sizable post-election ... read more

President Obama’s low ratings on immigration


The president’s approval rating on immigration lags behind his ratings on the economy and health care, especially among Democrats President Obama’s scheduled Thursday night announcement ... read more

Is the Ebola crisis over in the US?


Most aren't particularly worried about Ebola now, and people also tend to be happy with the government and Obama's handling of Ebola The two nurses ... read more

Americans recognize slow economic recovery


The public is noticing the signs of economic recovery, but people also say that things are only improving slowly Friday’s good economic news clearly came ... read more

Bush III? Republicans prefer other GOP contenders


Americans as a whole aren't keen on Jeb Bush, and even among Republicans he's not a frontrunner His brother says he is "wrestling with the ... read more

A new Congress, but more of the same


The newly-elected Congress, even with single party control, probably won’t get much more accomplished than the current one, according to most Americans.  In the latest ... read more

Post-election gains for GOP leadership, but not for Congress


Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are viewed more favorably than before the midterms, but Congressional approval remains in single digits It’s good to win.  Although ... read more

Hillary Clinton narrowly preferred to Barack Obama


People tend to prefer Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama, but enthusiasm for both is limited Americans like Hillary Clinton more than they do Barack Obama, ... read more

No new taxes?


Most Americans would support raising taxes to help seniors and veterans, but not to fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan One of the goals ... read more

YouGov poll performance in the 2014 Governor elections


In the 2014 midterm elections, YouGov polled every state and congressional district. This note provides detailed information about the performance of YouGov’s Governor polls. Analyses ... read more


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