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Local PDs better regarded than cops around the nation


Local cops tend to be seen in a more positive light than police in general, but most black Americans don't even think their local police ... read more

The great recession is still a problem for most Americans


More that six years on Americans are still pessimistic about the state of the economy It has been more than six years since the financial ... read more

The unknown Lindsey Graham


Even among Republicans the South Carolina Senator is relatively unknown despite making it clear he may run for President Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has represented ... read more

Report changes few minds on Benghazi


Despite the Congressional report the found no wrongdoing over Benghazi, many still believe that the Obama administration acted improperly  After a two-year investigation, the House ... read more

Opinion split on executive orders


Many dislike executive orders as a matter of principle, though that doesn't mean that the public opposes some of the most important orders in American ... read more

Only Democrats support Obama's executive order on immigration


Americans generally support reforms to allow illegal immigrants to remain in the country, but they tend to oppose President Obama's executive order protecting millions from ... read more

Does the Supreme Court have an image problem?


Americans tend to have an unfavorable opinion of the Supreme Court The U.S. Supreme Court will rule once again on the Affordable Care Act, this ... read more

Is the Republican honeymoon over?


Republican attitudes towards their Congressional leaders have become more negative only a week after the election Last week, the Economist/YouGov Poll showed a sizable post-election ... read more

President Obama’s low ratings on immigration


The president’s approval rating on immigration lags behind his ratings on the economy and health care, especially among Democrats President Obama’s scheduled Thursday night announcement ... read more

Is the Ebola crisis over in the US?


Most aren't particularly worried about Ebola now, and people also tend to be happy with the government and Obama's handling of Ebola The two nurses ... read more


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