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The Tea Party's image today


Support for the Tea Party is down compared to 2010, but most Republicans continue to back the movement's goals Is the Tea Party getting stronger ... read more

Embassies 'important', but some seen as unsafe


Americans fear embassies in several countries are too dangerous to keep open, while approval of President Obama's handling of foreign policy dips While nearly all ... read more

President Obama and the employer mandate delay


Whether or not people support delaying the business health insurance mandate depends on whether or not you mention the president in the question Americans take ... read more

What should be done about illegal immigrant children?


Public opinion is divided on whether or not the children crossing the border should be deported, or if they even have anywhere safe to return ... read more

Staying out: Barack Obama's foreign policy problems


Most Americans don't blame Barack Obama for crises in Ukraine, Syria, or Israel – but the President still gets negative ratings for his handling of ... read more

Americans on Israel's side in Gaza ground attack


Americans tend to side with Israel in the current conflict, though some are concerned about Israeli actions By more than two to one, Americans take ... read more

MH17 crash a 'threat to world peace', with onus on Putin


Most Americans think the shooting down of MH17 is a threat to world peace, and the public say that Vladimir Putin is mostly to blame ... read more

Has the uninsured rate gone down? Americans disagree


Most Democrats think the number of people with health insurance has increased since last July, while most Republicans do not All indications are that under ... read more

Hillary Clinton: Far from broke


Americans say that Hillary Clinton is wealthy and has been for some time, and many also think that she doesn't understand the problems faced by ... read more

Americans back Israel - but does the government?


Americans tend to sympathize more with the Israelis than the Palestinian in their conflict, but people who support Israel aren't sure that the US government ... read more


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