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Ebola: Less fear, but most still support quarantines


Americans are less afraid of the threat of Ebola than they have been, but support for strict measures to contain it is still very high ... read more

Romney still popular with Republicans, but not the wider public


Mitt Romney is still very popular among Republicans, but the rest of the country does not want him to run in 2016 Former Massachusetts Governor ... read more

Malala Yousafzai 'deserves the Nobel Peace Prize'


A large majority of Americans think that Malala Yousafzai's Peace Prize was well deserved, but opinion is divided on whether the Peace Prize committee's decisions ... read more

Ebola: Less worry, but public wants strict controls


Americans are less worried this week about contracting Ebola, but a large majority still support strict controls on potential Ebola victims Americans are a little ... read more

High support for Ebola quarantine


Most Americans support a quarantine for people coming from countries badly affected by Ebola In the days after the second person was diagnosed with Ebola ... read more

Americans begin to see employment gains


As unemployment drops below 6% for the first time since 2008, Americans are finally beginning to notice the slow improvement in the economy Americans may ... read more

Rick Perry in the spotlight again


As the Ebola crisis draws national attention to Texas, Republican attitudes towards Rick Perry have improved significantly With the hospitalization and death of the first ... read more

Obama gets low marks in key states


In 43 states, likely voters tend to disapprove of Barack Obama’s job performance, and disapproval is especially high in several states with competitive Senate races ... read more

Roosevelts: Positive views transcend partisan divide


Decades after the Roosevelts dominated the national stage, opinions of them are very positive, even among their erstwhile opponents Americans, for the most part, are ... read more

America divided on hate speech laws


A large majority of Americans support tougher penalties for hate crimes, but the country divides on laws prohibiting hate speech Most Americans would protect the ... read more


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