What is YouGov Pulse?

YouGov Pulse is a way of earning more points as a panellist. We invite our panellists to participate in the same that we identify people for research projects. YouGov Pulse is an application you download and install onto your desktop, tablet or mobile device. The Pulse app tracks your internet usage and anonymizes it to give a picture of how real people use the internet. We look at search terms, what ads you see (and what ads you close) and the websites you visit. We work with a company called RealityMine on YouGov Pulse and therefore some support will be provided by them and may need to refer some questions to them. Please find below the questions we are asked most often. 

Pulse does not:

  • Collect any usernames or passwords
  • Track any online transactions
  • Have any impact on the speed of your internet connection or data limits

Pulse does:

  • If you download Pulse you will receive 200 points within 5 weeks
  • For every month you have Pulse running on your device you'll recieve an additional 100 points
  • To earn extra points, download to your mobile and tablet too (it's 100 points per device, per month!)

*Note: the Pulse app can be active only on one desktop at a time. Monthly points will be paid at the beginning of the following month if the software is still running at that time. 

We will never share your personal information with our clients: your web browsing behavior will remain completely anonymous, and the data collected through Pulse will be used for research purposes only. And of course you can uninstall or pause the software at any time.

If you need any help with downloading the software, please take a look at the FAQ's page of the website.

The additional privacy policy that follows is applicable only if you participate in this research: we are working with another company called Wakoopa, who provide the software you will download. You can find more information about Wakoopa in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the pages you will see as you progress through the download process.

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