Installing AnalyzeMe on Android

Developed by RealityMine for YouGov America

Supported Versions: Android (4+)


1. Click the link you were provided by email that will take you to the Google Play Store page for the Analyze Me App. Click ‘Install’ to get started.


2. Accept the access request on the next window and wait for the App to be installed.


3. After installing, 'Open' the App using the button.


4. You will receive a screen that says, “We need more information to complete configuration." Press ‘Continue’.


5. ***Where the app asks for your email, please enter the App ID that you were provided in your Invitation Email from YouGov and press ‘Sign In’. Please note: No password is required here.


6. You’ll next need to accept the terms and conditions to activate the AnalyzeMe app.


7. On the App’s main windows, locate the ‘VPN Status’ card and press ‘Continue’.


8. Confirm the following window by pressing ‘OK’.


9. In case you haven’t set a lock screen or a pin before, you are now required to do so in order to secure your device. Please follow the system’s messages through the setup for either a lock screen PIN or password.


10. After successfully setting up, the App’s main screen will be displayed. Locate the ‘AnalyzeMe Status card and press ‘Enable Usage Access’.


11. Look for “AnalyzeMe” on the following screen and move the switch on the right hand side to 'ON' and confirm.

12. Return to the AnalyzeMe App to confirm that it’s working correctly. Hit ‘Connect’ on the VPN Status card if shown.


13. Press 'OK' on the following connection request to install the AnalyzeMe VPN. This is required to finalize the installation of the app.


14. The app is now running and successfully registered. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure that the software is running in the background at all times. If the app stops running, you’ll stop earning your points. If you do wish at any time to delete the app, you will need to disable the VPN in your phone's settings.