Installing AnalyzeMe on Apple iOS

Developed by RealityMine for YouGov

Supported Versions: Apple iOS (8+)


1. Click the link you were provided that will take you to your private download page. Then click ‘Download AnalyzeMe’ to get started.


2. You’ll need to confirm the install here. Click ‘Install’ to proceed.


3. After downloading the app, you will receive a screen which says the AnalyzeMe app by RealityMine is ‘Untrusted’. Apple takes security very seriously (as do we). The reason for this warning screen is that the AnalyzeMe App is collecting information about you, and Apple wants to make sure you are the giving permission for this, and not anyone doing so on your behalf.

**Please note: AnalyzeMe was developed by RealityMine. You will need to give your device permission to trust this developer in order to proceed. See step 4 for detailed instructions.**


4. To give permission to ‘Trust’ the AnalyzeMe App, go into 'Settings' and open 'General'. Next, scroll down and select ‘Device Management’ (your device might say ‘Profile’ here).





***If you try to open the AnalyzeMe app without following the steps above, the app will open to its first screen and fail to launch. please note: your device will not display an error message to this effect.***


7. You’ll be asked to confirm again.


8. You’ll now see ‘Verified’ next to the AnalyzeMe icon. You have now successfully set your device to trust AnalyzeMe. 


9. Next, you’ll need to go back to your home screen and select the AnalyzeMe icon to open the app—it will not start automatically.


10. You’ll need to accept the terms and conditions to activate the app.


11. To finalize your setup, you’ll need to install the VPN that AnalyzeMe uses to transmit data back to YouGov. Click ‘Set Up VPN / Proxy’ to complete this step.


12. The app will bring you back to your settings. Here you’ll need to click ‘Install’.


13. You’ll be asked to enter your password to give the app permission to install the VPN.


14. Due to new security measures introduced by Apple with iOS 10.3, combined with the AnalyzeMe App using an SSL VPN – a specific SSL certificate must be explicitly trusted if this is the first time such a certificate has been added to the device.

Click ‘Install’ to proceed.


15. Click ‘Done’. The RealityMineVPN is now installed on your device. Installation and activation are now complete!


***IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure that the software is running in the background at all times. If the app stops running, you’ll stop earning your points. If you wish to delete the app, you'll also need to remove the VPN by visiting Settings, General, VPN and disabling.