#1 Amazon
#1 Amazon Amazon unveiled a one-hour delivery service and tops yet again our best brands list
#2 Netflix
#2 Netflix Netflix now accounts for 35% of Internet traffic and is our runner-up
#3 YouTube
#3 YouTube YouTube celebrated its tenth birthday and just launched an app for kids
#4 Cancer Treatment Centers of America
#4 Cancer Treatment Centers of America The hospital chain focused on a clear message in a highly specialized field
#5 Subway
#5 Subway The brand decided this year to forgo the use of artificial ingredients in its menu
#6 Apple
#6 Apple Apple manage to garner considerable coverage for its Apple watch and its new music service
#7 Samsung
#7 Samsung The Korean company recently introduced a completely redesigned Galaxy S phone
#8 Google
#8 Google Google recently started testing its driverless car in the San Francisco Bay Area
#9 Ford
#9 Ford With a new CEO in command, Ford is now concentrating on its Lincoln Brand
#10 Lowe’s now provides 3D printing options for custom goods at select locations

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