The Household Economic Activity Tracker (HEAT) provides monthly indicators of consumer confidence and the ability of consumers to spend. These indicators are invaluable when understanding broad economic and consumer trends. They give the earliest indication of consumer confidence, before even official notification or policy announcements.

HEAT serves as a gauge of willingness to spend across all subsections of the consumer population while also giving wider macroeconomic indicators that allow for a comprehensive market outlook. Quantitative and attitudinal analysis provides a nuanced perspective on economic changes precipitated by the actions and reservations of these consumers.

Deep content: HEAT is more than a headline number. Respondents are asked detailed questions about income, debt and use of debt products, employment, housing, and spending.

Interactive: Unlike traditional reports our dashboard allows subscribers to easily explore the data — comparing different sub-groups to national norms. With access to historical data, you can easily see how a current data point fits into the context of the past.

Timely: HEAT is collected every business day and delivered to your desktop monthly.

Customizable: We can work with you to identify key segments that can be broken out separately in the dashboard as a special segment.

Our experts bring insight to these results, helping you forecast the future of consumer confidence.


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