Respondent Level Data

There are occasions when a deeper, more granular look at consumers can provide even more insight and actionable analysis.

Respondent Level Data (RLD) enables subscribers to see each individual responders demographic profile and his or her responses to each BrandIndex survey question. That’s nearly 5,000 individuals every day and more than 1.5MM individual responses each year, across 45 industries and 1,200 brands.

Benefits of Respondent Level Data

YouGov’s BrandIndex respondent level data enables greater flexibility and more in-depth analysis than can often be achieved with aggregated data:

Brand Loyalty: Follow individual respondents as they make their way through the purchase funnel.

Share of Wallet: See how individuals divide their loyalty and spending among the competitor set in any given category.

Detailed Demographic Analysis: Granular demographic information for each respondent, including birth year, and detailed income and education breaks.

Create Custom Trading Areas: Roll up zip codes or DMAs into custom trading areas to analyze media, brand perception and purchase behavior in those specific markets.

Modeling:  Respondent level data enables you to  model the effect of income, education or geography on opinion of your brand and how this changes over time.

Data integration: Merge daily BrandIndex data with census data or other syndicated and in-house data sets to capture a more complete profile of an individual, his or her neighborhood, and spending habits both in and outside of your category.   

Attitudinal and Behavioral Information: YouGov captures hundreds of pieces of profile information on its panelists. Which can be used for more accurate segmentations, and risk profiles as well as understanding key drivers to purchase intent. 


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