About YouGov Omnibus Research

Omnibus Research is a shared cost, multi-client approach to survey research that lets you conduct a study at a fraction of the cost of an ad-hoc study. All without compromising on the quality of the data.

At YouGov we have developed and manage our own panel with over 1.8 million US residents and over 3 million around the world. Our panelists are fully profiled from household income to health issues to their last major purchase.  Our field and tab services allows us to target your specific audience within a general population sample so you only ask your questions to the people you want to survey.

YouGov Omnibus surveys can provide you with 1,000 nationally representative responses (aged 18+) in 24 hours. Your survey can include videos and images and can be run on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Results are delivered in Excel tables as standard with your data analyzed by:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Region
  • Household Income
  • Education
  • Social media usage
  • Additional demographics available upon request.

Results are also delivered in a ppt slide deck.

Who uses Omnibus surveys?

Omnibus surveys are the ideal vehicle for shorter research surveys especially when results are needed quickly. 

Our clients include:

  • PR agencies and corporate communications teams seeking the facts to create leadership studies or stimulate media interest.
  • Charitable/non profit organizations looking to track awareness of advertising campaigns.
  • Lobby groups and non-profit organizations asking questions on public opinion issues like welfare or proposed legislation.
  • Sports and event sponsors who want to track changes in perception. 
  • Marketing and customer insight teams looking to understand trends in their industry, and the attitudes and behaviors of customers and prospects.  
  • Company strategists needing reliable data to make better-informed business decisions quickly.


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