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At YouGov, we’re not just gaming researchers. We think gamer… We speak gamer… We’ve written for major gaming publications… And we are gamers ourselves, across platforms, genres, business models and styles. We’re also avid digital and streaming content fans who’ve witnessed paradigm shifts for music and video, and the innovation happing for gaming with the advent of streaming and cloud-based gaming.

YouGov’s Gaming & Interactive Entertainment practice brings unmatched knowledge, experience and insight to every engagement we conduct. We come armed knowing about gaming and entertainment enthusiasts’ behaviors, motivations, attitudes and lingo, and act as a true partner for companies in this space of any size. Over the years we’ve provided strategic and tactical guidance to:

  • All major platforms, formats and providers, including console, PC, mobile and web
  • Many of the most storied franchises, successful titles and innovative services in the category
  • Casual, social, mid-core and core game developers, marketers and strategy/business planners
  • Research and business stakeholders alike who are looking to gain an edge in a fast moving, super competitive and finicky market


Our experience further encompasses:

  • Multiple transition periods from current to next-gen consoles
  • The emergence of a sophisticated handheld device market
  • A true paradigm shift with the explosive growth of mobile gaming and evolution into a thriving casual game market, reaching new audiences every day
  • The creation of new and innovative business models through F2P games, subscriptions, DLC, micro-transactions and non-gaming merchandise
  • The expansion of gaming from primarily the domain of “hardcore gamers” to players of all ages, genders and interests, including teens and tweens
  • The advent of eSports and game spectatorship as growing forces beyond just playing


YouGov’s worldwide capabilities allow us to answer our gaming and interactive entertainment clients’ most complex business questions across a wide range of scope and business questions, utilizing qualitative, quantitative and advanced marketing sciences techniques. We employ a custom, holistic approach that empowers our clients to impact development, marketing, customer and strategy decisions at every stage of an offering’s life cycle, from concept incubation through post-release.


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