Public Policy Research and Communications

Corporations, interest groups, labor unions and government bodies often find their agendas held hostage by friction over sensitive issues in the public arena. The Public Affairs practice leverages cutting edge data analytics as well as traditional research methods to capture and quantify stakeholder opinion and sentiment on critical issues.

YouGov Public Affairs can advise you on the best strategy for navigating stakeholder concerns, paving the road to success on important policy issues. YouGov has developed the next-generation tools for pollsters, policy groups, and public entities. Our unique, online sample matching approach ensures accurate estimates of public attitudes. Our ability to accurately present printed and visual communications ensures that your messaging is accurately interpreted and resonates with your core constituencies.      

Additionally, YouGov Public Affairs provides access to the opinions of political powerbrokers in DC and across the country. 

These influencers, considered political elites, are the best educated, best-informed and most politically active people nationwide with an outsized influence on public officials. They consist of the top 7%-9% of adults nationwide, comprising: 

  • Those with a four-year college degree or an advanced degree
  • The top quartile of income
  • The top socioeconomic class by occupation (owners, company presidents, professionals).
  • The politically active, identified by holding elective office in community organizations, writing articles, contacting elected officials, or serving on policy committees in their local communities.

Leveraging the YouGov’s data products allows YouGov Public Affairs to go beyond and make ordinary research extraordinary. By virtue of more that 200,000 variables on sentiment and behaviors, we have the ability to provide additional insight to develop relevant and targeted communications for the most effective campaigns.

Jennifer Granston, Global Cheif Opperating Office for WE Communications, describes her experiences working with YouGov implementing Brands in Motion. 


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