YouGov Digital Publishing Study

The YouGov Digital Publishing Study looks at emerging digital communications and advertising channels and their likely impact on the publishing and advertising landscape. The study presents a full characterization of the role of digital content in the American household. 

The consumer outlook focuses on future platform usage, device and content source preferences, and attentiveness to digital advertising.

Responses from publishing industry, business, and marketing leaders give insights into how businesses are planning to integrate broader digital communications into their consumer outreach, advertising and promotional activities. We look at future architectures, budgets and business strategies to determine where the digital landscape is heading.

Highlights of the Study:  

  • A clear overview of the emerging digital landscape and its opportunities for content publishers and advertisers
  • Industry and consumer preferences for digital content and devices
  • Consumer preferences for content sourcing and attentiveness to digital advertising
  • Effectiveness of specific digital tactics such as online coupons and other trade technologies
  • Challenges of highly personalized digital communications
  • The perception/expectation gap between business stakeholders and consumers


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