QSR Omnibus

Omnibus is your most cost efficient and accurate way to run fast, “point-in-time” QSR research studies and take an “instant” read of your consumers’ attitudes to the latest QSR trends. Starter surveys talk to 1,000 consumers and deliver 9 key demographic breaks in 24 hours.

YouGov delivers reactions to new product ideas in just 24 hours. Find out who will buy and how often they will purchase. We can set up menu tests in minutes using our standard concept templates. 

Menu Test: House Combo (with suggested core menu Items) 

- Current customer  - Predicted purchase frequency
- Purchase frequency  - Test of product variants 
- Like / dislike of concept  - Price test
- Relevance to consumer  - Value 
- Differentiation to competition - Attitudinal statements 
- Likelihood to purchase  - Name testing

Menu Test: Build Your Own 
- Show media (videos, pictures etc.) 
- Pick target group (customers, gen pop, targeted DMAs, QSR visitors etc.)
- Choose from 200,000 profiling variables for additional data cuts 

Product / promotion awareness: Are your customers aware of the products and promotions you have on the table? 

Ad creative testing: How does your target audience react to your ideas? How well will your next creative resonate with your current customers? Will it attract new diners? 

Product funnel tracking: At what stage of a product do consumers drop out? What would make them more attracted to your menu offerings? 

Tracking dining habits: Are consumers worried about calories over everything else? Do they worry about overloading on carbs? Is pulled pork still the next big thing? 

Create great PR around your brand: Want something new to talk to the press about your brand? Want to know how to handle the next negative story?

Quick View

Sample Size 1000 US 18+  

Menu Tests:  House Combo

Small: $3000   Large: $6400

Frequency Daily   Cost per question $500 

Results Delivered 24 Hrs 




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