Nearly a Third of Donald Trump’s Twitter Followers Identify as Liberal 

New YouGov data suggests that Donald Trump’s Twitter and Facebook followers might not be all that similar.  

President Donald Trump is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with when it comes to utilizing the power of social media. Throughout the 2016 Election Season and beyond, Trump has managed to gain an immense social media following – his twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, well exceeds 24 million followers, while his official Facebook page has over 21 million likes. The numbers are indeed impressive, but who exactly are these people that make up his massive following?

New data from YouGov Profiles indicates that there are distinct differences between Trump’s Twitter and Facebook followers. Specifically, political ideology varies between the two groups. For example, the majority of his Facebook followers identify as Conservative (62%), while a mere 5% consider themselves Liberals. In comparison, his Twitter followers lean a bit more to the Left – 44% Conservative, 27% Liberal. 

However, politics isn’t the only differentiator. Interestingly, Trump’s Twitter and Facebook followers also differ on what they find humorous. Over half (59%) of those who follow Donald Trump on twitter agree that observations regarding news and current affairs are comical. Similarly, his Twitter followers were more likely than his Facebook followers to laugh at statements involving wordplay and/or controversial subjects.

The differences between preferred humor of Trump’s Twitter and Facebook followers could relate to reasons why individuals are using the specific social media platforms in the first place.

Additional data shows that over three fourths (77%) of Donald Trump’s Facebook followers utilize the site to keep in contact with friends, suggesting that this particular set of people view the platform primarily as a tool for maintaining close, personal relationships. On the other hand, Trump’s Twitter followers cited keeping up to date with the news as their top reason for using Twitter, indicating that these individuals could view the site primarily as an information aggregator.  

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