One in two Americans take pictures of their food

One in two Americans take pictures of their food

People tend to snap more pictures of food they make than food they order

Food photography has enraptured the nation not only because it’s appetizing and delicious-looking, but because it’s also a practice accessible to nearly everyone with a smartphone. New data from YouGov reveals that one in two Americans (50%) take pictures of their food.

A recent poll from YouGov Omnibus reports that these amateur food photographers are most likely to take a picture of food they prepare themselves (31%) than food that they eat for a special occasion like a wedding (22%) or meals they order at restaurants (20%).

More than half of women (54%) are take photos of their food, compared to only 46% of men. This trend applies to food they’ve cooked themselves (34% for women, 27% for men), had at special occasions (26% versus 18%), and ordered at restaurants (22% versus 18%).

Data from the same poll suggests that food photography habits vary geographically as well. Americans living in the South (37%) and Northeast (34%) tend to take more photos of food they’ve prepared themselves than other regions. Americans living in the West are the only ones to say they’re as likely to snap a photo of food they’ve ordered (27%) as something they’ve personally cooked (27%). And Americans in the Midwest are the likeliest to report that they never take pictures of their food (57%).

Given that food photography’s popularity has been inextricably tied to better smartphone technology and the rise of documenting one’s life with apps such as Instagram and Snapchat, the practice naturally draws younger food photographers. As a generation, nearly three-quarters of millennials (71%) say they take photos of their food, with 49% of the same age group say they photograph food they make themselves. Younger millennials (ages 18-24) report that they are just as likely to take photos of food they order (39%) and food at special occasions (38%).  

While the practice isn’t as sensationalized among older Americans – 68% of Americans 55 and over say they never take photos of their food – a third of Americans (33%) between the ages of 45 and 54 say that they’ll take pictures of food they cook themselves.

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