RealTime gets fast answers from the right audienceGet next-day results with the most cost-effective solution for robust data.

Pose your questions to nationally representative or niche audiences and get a quick turnaround with our industry-leading Omnibus and Targeted research services.

Receive credible results, whatever the brief, from the UK’s most quoted research source.

Visualise your data live with YouGov Crunch and efficiently present your data findings.


How does RealTime work?

YouGov’s technology, reputation and research expertise provide marketing and PR professionals, charities, strategists, branding and NPD teams fast, reliable insight to help:

Marketing and customer insight
  • Understand industry trends
  • Make customer and prospect-led strategic decisions
Generate media PR & coverage
  • Maximize sell-in with trend-setting insights
  • Generate thought-leadership for returning media interest
Win pitches
  • Get the edge and give your pitch credibility with YouGov research
  • Leave your clients confident you know their audience better than they do
Campaign planning and evaluation
  • Plan audience-driven campaigns
  • Evaluate campaign success
Ad tracking and concept testing
  • Test new concepts before launch
  • Track reaction to your advertising
New product development
  • Test your products and pricing
  • Understand and size your market

The fastest and most reliable data source in the US

We are one of the most quoted data sources across the world.
Clients praise our robust data, responsiveness, market acumen, and attention to detail.
We understand you need reliable data you can trust from predicting general elections to the winner of X Factor UK.
Get accurate, representative, actionable answers to your business challenges with results as soon as the next day.
The size of and depth of our panel means we can survey highly niche groups and provide endless ways to cut your data.
Our team of researchers are standing by to make sure your questions are fielded quickly and follow best practices.

The best data and technology

RealTime is underpinned YouGov’s purpose-built technology and our highly engaged online panel, ensuring you can build surveys, watch live results and interpret robust, reliable data with ease.

  • Confident, fast research with YouGov Collaborate

    YouGov Collaborate gives clients the ability to create, customize, share and give feedback on their surveys via one easy online dashboard. Access best practice guidelines, a simple to follow process, and the support of a professional YouGov researcher - for confident execution and fast results.

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    Confident, fast research with YouGov Collaborate
  • Highly representative data with the YouGov Panel

    Built from sophisticated proprietary sampling technology and a relationship of mutual trust and respect nurtured over a decade, YouGov operates a highly engaged online community of millions of people all over the world. This means you can reach practically any audience you choose and get reliable, quality data you can trust.

  • Live reporting and data interpretation with YouGov Crunch

    Crunch is YouGov's online data visualizaton tool which helps clients to interpret and present compelling data - simply. Watch your survey results come in live in front of your eyes then use our simple interface to efficiently analyze and visualize the data. Even present your findings within the tool itself to key stakeholders and in pitch meetings. For more info on this, visit

  • Access connected data with the YouGov Cube

    The YouGov Cube is our connected dataset that holds continuous conversations with YouGov panel members. It's comprised of three important dimensions; people - our panel members, variables - all the individual pieces of information we have about members, and time - over a decade of historical data. The depth and breadth of our data means we can quickly identify very specific target groups and you can analyze your findings with unrivaled granularity.

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