Our Gaming & Interactive Entertainment practice delivers unmatched knowledge, experience, and insight to every engagement we conduct. We’ve provided both strategic and tactical guidance for many of the most storied franchises, successful titles, platforms, and innovative services.

All major platforms and formats
All major platforms and formats
We've guided clients through multiple console generations, PC and online transitions, and rise of mobile gaming.
Core, mid-core and casual gamers
Core, mid-core and casual gamers
We've tracked the swing from “hardcore” gamers to players of all ages and genders, and the mainstreaming of the casual market.
We know the business of gaming
We know the business of gaming
We've helped guide the creation of new and innovative business models through F2P games, subscriptions, DLC, and MTX.

In the Gaming & Interactive Entertainment Team, we’re not just gaming researchers. We think gamer, we speak gamer, and we are gamers ourselves -- across platforms, genres, business models, and styles. We come armed with knowledge about gamer and entertainment user behaviors, motivations, attitudes and lingo, and act as a true partner for companies of any size.

We employ a custom, holistic approach that empowers our clients to impact development, marketing, customer and strategy decisions at every stage of an offering’s life cycle, from concept incubation through post-release.

Our specialties include:

  • A&U studies, market profiles / assessment
  • Player segmentation, personas and profiles
  • Game feature / business model optimization
  • Franchise and title equity evaluation
  • Underlying gamer motivations
  • Market opportunity and sizing
  • Hardware and accessory evaluation
  • Service and subscription model evaluation
  • DLC / content strategies
  • Concept testing/screening
  • Global gamer census & player journey
  • Brand health/marketing tracking
  • Gamer retention and satisfaction
  • Game genre evaluation

The advantage

  1. 1. Global online community

    YouGov operates a global online panel of millions of people who talk to us every day about their entire world in exchange for points and rewards, or because they want to contribute to the national debate.

  2. 2. Advanced analytics

    Our online analytics platform, Crunch allows both YouGov researchers and our clients to navigate, analyze, visualize and present their research findings in one simple, intuitive online platform.

  3. 3. Connected data universe

    The YouGov Cube is where we store everything we learn from a continuous conversation with our global online community. It's a connected data universe built from three dimensions; time, data and people.

The Gaming & Interactive Entertainment Team

Our project team includes senior researchers, marketers, statisticians, project managers, and data visualization specialists, and we have worked together on literally hundreds of studies for the gaming industry, across many top titles and franchises.

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