Staffed with experts from politics, survey research, and academia, YouGov Blue is a custom research division for progressive and Democratic clients who are interested in using the YouGov panel.

We combine our tested survey methodology and analytics with our unique highly-profiled online panel to answer your questions.
Experts in the field
Experts in the field
Our highly experienced experts design research for large and small organizations, committed to solving your challenges.
Adaptable to your needs
Adaptable to your needs
We design and execute research to meet your needs and budget.

YouGov Blue is a division of YouGov serving Democratic and progressive clients. Leveraging YouGov’s panels, methodology, and technology infrastructure, we are pioneering novel capabilities and strategies. YouGov Blue’s online survey tools, polling experience, and digital environment allow us to provide a unique suite of products to help our clients achieve their goals.

We work with think tanks, interest groups, unions, candidates, and analytics and polling firms to help them gain insights from online surveys. We provide services for all stages of the survey research process, including questionnaire design, sampling design, survey fielding, weighting, reporting, and analysis. We are matched to the major voter files and have expertise in using voter files to enhance survey analysis. Our team combines both academic and political experience to ensure that our practice is grounded in both methodological rigor and the needs of our clients. We specialize in:

  • Innovative online survey techniques
  • Policy and candidate polling
  • Message and ad testing
  • Voter-file matched surveys
  • Online sampling and weighting
  • Survey analysis

The YouGov Blue Team

Alissa Stollwerk, PhD, is Director of YouGov Blue, where she helps progressives, campaigns, and non-profits leverage innovations in polling and online survey research to achieve their goals. Alissa has over a decade of experience in Democratic politics and is a veteran of the Analyst Institute and Hillary for America. She received her Ph.D. in political science from Columbia University. She specializes in election polling, survey experiments, and applied statistics.

Fully customized research tailored to your needs

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