At the core of YouGov is the YouGov Cube, where all our data streams integrate and then are populated by powerful, user-friendly data analytics and visualization tools.​

YouGov Cube Trackers are more flexible, scalable, and connected than traditional research methods and provide deep insights in real time, to address your research needs and provide the best of syndicated and custom solutions to give you a greater ROI from all your research.

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Our trackers adapt to daily issues, new trends, and hot topics without incurring requiring additional cost or time.
Our trackers acknowledge the diversity of geographies and portfolios companies must manage. We accelerate growth by enabling local teams to analyze deeply and global teams to track KPIs consistently.
Our trackers provide adjacent category metrics, integration with other surveys, and can connect with your company data to maximize ROI across your research and intelligence ecosystem.

YouGov Cube Trackers can bring flexibility, scalability, and connection to brand tracking allowing you to get ahead of your competitors, address opportunities in your market, and respond to crises with daily refreshed data.

Our platform has numerous advantages and benefits including:

  • Custom trackers integrated with deep profiling information
  • All categories and adjacencies at no additional cost through syndicated products
  • Seamless connectivity to recent events and trends
  • Ability to track and compare impact of advertising to different target groups
  • Consistent, globally aligned KPIs
  • Re-contact targeted audiences with specific previous responses

The Advantage

  1. 1. Global online community

    YouGov operates a global online panel of millions of people who talk to us every day about their entire world in exchange for points and rewards, or because they want to contribute to the national debate.

  2. 2. Advanced analytics

    Our online analytics platform, Crunch allows both YouGov researchers and our clients to navigate, analyze, visualize and present their research findings in one simple, intuitive online platform.

  3. 3. Connected data universe

    The YouGov Cube is where we store everything we learn from a continuous conversation with our global online community. It's a connected data universe built from three dimensions; time, data, and people.

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