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Monitor customer satisfaction and benchmark your brand against your competitors with our free Recommend rankings. Select your target market and industry to see the top 10 brands that customers would recommend to a friend or colleague.


YouGov Recommend+

Track your brand health diagnostics continually with Recommend+.

Access regular status updates from our first-class, cost-effective NPS tracking service.

Get the full picture on what drives your customer advocacy, with additional data on the attitudes and behaviors of existing and potential brand champions:

- Evaluate the importance of factors determining likelihood to recommend brands, including emotional, rational, and values-based drivers connected to rich consumer personality data

- Curate bespoke Customer Experience measurement

- Access our market-leading analytics platform, Crunch, to interrogate data.



How does Recommend scoring work?

We screened 1,500+ brands in 30 global markets included in BrandIndex and asked customers of those brands: "Would you recommend the brand to a friend or colleague?".

Scores are calculated by the percentage of a brand's customers who are willing to recommend it to others. All brands had a minimum sample of 100 and were tracked for at least 12 months.

We’ve been assessing consumer recommendation of brands for 20 years, and our connected data has unrivalled scale, depth, and breadth to provide the most accurate insight into what drives customer advocacy.

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