YouGov Signal is a global social media analytics platform that tracks real time digital expression of opinions while distilling key insights around the online engagement, opinion and market efficiency of brands, products, people, TV shows, games movies and entire sectors.

Rich data
Rich data
Robust, dynamic data and analysis augmented by YouGov’s unique connected data set - The Cube.
Intelligent analysis
Intelligent analysis
Insight extraction technology providing customized sector-specific context and topics and natural language processing with 93% sentiment accuracy.
Dedicated data scientists
Dedicated data scientists
Professional support from dedicated data scientists at no additional cost.

Simply tracking digital and social data sources isn’t enough to discover meaningful insights about the opinions expressed by people online. The YouGov Signal platform collects data from all relevant sources and aggregates the statistics into digestible quantitative metrics.

We thoroughly analyse the text and conversation so that you can immediately pull insights - and find your Signal in the noise. With our dedicated team of data scientists assigned to your account - we do the searching so you don't have to.

We are industry agnostic, featuring the online data of thousands of brands, products, sports teams, games, actors, films and television shows. We aggregate all of this digital and social data into one place for our clients, apply complex Machine Learning, text analysis, and competitive bench-marking to make sense of and contextualize everything.

YouGov Signal allows you to:

  • Brands: Conduct thorough online brand analysis
  • Products: Track interest and sentiment around individual products
  • Sectors: Benchmark your brand(s) and products against 50 different sectors
  • People: Track interest in and sentiment of any individual or key brand ambassador conversations
  • TV Shows: Track the appetite and impact of TV programs across 36 different metrics and 40+ markets and compare shows against industry standards
  • Movies: Forecast performance and discover your audience

The advantage

  1. 1. Global Real Time Coverage

    Signal has one of the broadest reaches in terms of online coverage tracking globally every relevant news article, social post, search volume, video, review and much more in relation to every major brand, company and product, TV show and movie.

  2. 2. Advanced NLP and Data Science

    The way people use language around different topics, sectors and industries is radically different. To account for this Signal employs some of the most advanced topic specific NLP models to parse out sentiment, intent, and emotion dependent on the context of the issue being tracked.

  3. 3. Combined Survey and Social Data

    Signal provides a greater level of insights by combining YouGov’s pre-existing survey data with anonymized samples of social data to create a richer picture around the groups of people who are commenting or engaging with your brand, product or company.

The Signal Team

The YouGov Signal team comprises data scientists, modelers, developers and client service teams across the globe who specialize in using social data to build predictive models, track the efficacy of marketing campaigns and understand online consumer opinions. The team is led by Hamish Brocklebank who co-founded and ran Portent.IO which became “YouGov Signal” upon its acquisition in December 2018. The team has extensive experience working with major movie studios, TV networks, global brands and political organisations around the world.

Hamish Brocklebank

Hamish Brocklebank

YouGov Signal

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