Understand how social change is affecting your customers

Social movements create uncertainty. Should your company take a public stand on a social issue? Do you wonder how your customers will respond to a mission-driven message or campaign? Are your customers motivated by values?

The YouGov Social Change Monitor tracks consumer attitudes about social change, perceived fairness and economic opportunity, civic participation, and changing consumer purchasing behavior.

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Monitor civic engagement
Monitor civic engagement
Keep tabs on which groups are actively engaged in civic activities and are issue or values motivated in their purchasing behavior.
Connected data
Connected data
The Social Change Monitor integrates with YouGov Profiles to provide a comprehensive understanding of your customers.
Track perceptions of social media
Track perceptions of social media
Identify platforms that are doing well or poorly in responding to social change through the eyes of consumers.

The YouGov Social Change Monitor combines information about social change with consumer purchasing behaviors to allow you to monitor trends in activism and civic engagement, respond to social issues as they arise, and address opportunities to engage with consumers.

The YouGov Social Change Monitor has numerous advantages and benefits including:

  • Bi-weekly tracking - Frequent measurement of consumer attitudes and behaviors.
  • Audiences - Access to YouGov’s audiences for consumer groups using inequality beliefs, civic participation, issues-motivated purchasing and others.
  • Exports - All charts and granular data are exportable in a range of formats for use in your own reports or further analysis.
  • Dashboard view - Customizable preset views can display multiple analyses for your most important perspectives. Information updated bi-weekly and is fully interactive.
  • Ad-hoc analysis and reporting - Experienced team available to customize reports to your needs and help inform your company’s strategy.

The Advantage

  1. 1. Global online community

    YouGov operates a global online panel of millions of people who talk to us every day about their entire world in exchange for points and rewards, or because they want to contribute to the national debate.

  2. 2. Advanced analytics

    Our online analytics platform, Crunch allows both YouGov researchers and our clients to navigate, analyze, visualize and present their research findings in one simple, intuitive online platform.

  3. 3. Connected data universe

    The YouGov Cube is where we store everything we learn from a continuous conversation with our global online community. It's a connected data universe built from three dimensions; time, data, and people.

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