Are you ready for Halloween?

October 31, 2013, 12:28 AM GMT+0

Nearly 6 out of 10 Americans (59%) have definite plans to celebrate Halloween this year and only 27% do not plan on celebrating the spooky holiday at all according to the, YouGov Omnibus survey conducted October 25th-28th 2013.

The most popular Halloween plan this year among Americans is to give out candy, with over a third of respondents  (36%) indicating they would be giving out sweets this year. 67% of adults with children under 18 are planning on going out “trick or treating” or giving out candy this year. 

Although Halloween is closely associated with dressing up in costume only 11% of Americans surveyed indicated they were dressing up for the holiday. However, age is nothing but a number when deciding to dress up for Halloween or not with 65% of Americans agreeing that no one is ever too old to dress up for the holiday.

Halloween falls on a weekday this year and a vast majority (79%) of Americans who are planning on celebrating the holiday will celebrate it on its actual date, Thursday October 31st . While 12% of those celebrating celebrated the holiday before its actual date, and 10% are planning on celebrating after its actual date.


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