The best email marketing metrics to use

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July 28, 2021, 6:00 AM GMT+0

This piece suggests the top five metrics that marketers need to measure to analyse the health of their campaigns.

Businesses should aim to have a high deliverability rate to ensure their emails effectively reach their customers. If the deliverability rate is 97% or less, marketers must immediately audit their email address collection processes. They should also pay close attention to email open rates as this metric is driven by brand awareness or subject lines.

Marketers can conduct A/B tests of their email subject lines or the timing of the email to improve the open rate of their emails. They should also aim for a click-through rate of 3.5%. Click-through rate is a metric that enables marketers to measure the overall success of their campaigns.

Apart from adding a strong CTA, marketers must ensure mobile optimisation to improve click-through rates. They should keep an eye on the conversion rate and unsubscribe rate.

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