Leverage creatives to personalise messages, boost brand awareness 

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October 06, 2022, 2:40 PM GMT+0

The article lists different practices that marketers today are opting for to increase the effectiveness and reach of their creatives. 

When it comes to a brand's in-market success, creatives lead more leads than any other format. Not only do creatives tend to viewers' collective and individual interests, but it also does so in a non-invasive, privacy-conscious manner. Marketers can focus on leveraging creative – even existing creative – to boost audience engagement and brand awareness.  

For example, brands can incorporate QR codes into their video ads via overlays, end cards or branded frames. QR codes can help make the creative actionable and encourage one-to-one interactions between brands and consumers. But when crafting creatives, marketers must ensure they place the brand's logo in the screen's corner so that customers know the brand speaking to them.

Besides highlighting the brand in the creatives, marketers should opt for the dynamic video creative technique that helps modify videos to suit different campaign strategies. Such modifications can help brands personalise their creatives for different audiences as well.  

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