B2B companies will increasingly leverage AMB practices in 2023 

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December 05, 2022, 11:04 AM GMT+0

In 2023, customers will likely be more independent and privacy-concerned, concerns that B2B companies need to address. 

This article will explore possible changes that could shape the B2B industry in 2023. One trend that is picking up is buyers wanting self-service options with minimal intervention from sales or marketing teams.

Additionally, consumers may gather in dark communities (where marketers do not have access), like private Slack channels and VC communities, to gain unbiased information on a brand. So, marketers will need to design strategies to enable their best customers to advocate for the brand in these communities.

Another way B2B companies can boost efficiency and customer satisfaction is by cultivating collaboration between their sales and marketing teams. Similarly, marketers should measure B2B success against an open pipeline in which collaboration and the results are prioritized.  

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