Exploring competitive backlinks can help brands earn quality backlinks

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November 20, 2020, 1:21 PM GMT+0

They should also identify content gaps to improve their chances of getting linked back.

Businesses can use a backlink tool to evaluate competitive backlinks. They should find out content opportunities and gaps, which lies within the intersection of two or more competitors. Creating content to fill that void can help brands earn backlinks from publications that link back to the brand’s competitors.

Using tools like Link Intersect can help brands quickly identify link-building opportunities. Leveraging advanced search operators and building content using elements like statistics, news and resources can further help improve the chances of earning quality backlinks.

Before reaching out to high-authority domain websites for link-building activities, marketers must evaluate the link propensity of their potential link targets. It can help businesses identify sites that are more likely to link them. Companies can also explore local SEO sites to improve their local SEO.

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