Analyse the right hashtags to find B2B influencers

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January 29, 2019, 1:51 PM UTC

Good candidates fit a distinctive pattern of social media use that could help brands find them.

The use of influencer strategies is much less common among B2B than B2C brands. But because B2B purchases typically involve agreement from several people in a business, influencers could offer marketers a head start by creating broad awareness of a product, removing one hurdle in the selling process.

However, an ideal B2B influencer has a different profile from B2C equivalents and identifying them can be a challenge. Whereas B2C influencers need popularity and reach, B2B marketers are looking for authority and expertise. Good examples are often conference speakers, authors or thought leadership bloggers, and tend to have small but highly connected followings.

This article presents analysis of hashtags from B2B trade shows to suggest some ways of identifying prospective influencers by their social media activity. It recommends looking for people that use the hashtag of a relevant industry trade show or event and have a higher than average following, that post across several different platforms and comment on more than one event in a given sector or industry.

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