Marketers should not over-rely on ROI but must build credibility

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March 18, 2019, 12:34 PM UTC

Meeting short-term targets can build trust with the finance department.

Focusing too much on ROI as a metric can be disadvantageous, according to former Sainsbury marketer Sarah Warby. Successful marketing is about wider contributions to business, but hitting weekly targets does help in creating credibility with finance department.

Having long-term conversations about brand health with the wider company isn’t taken seriously unless the team can deliver on quarterly-results. This also gives marketers the freedom to experiment and means that if something doesn’t work out there is more margin for error.

Warby also said that she expects more businesses to move certain aspects of creative in-house but “There will always be a need for external work in areas that clients can’t or choose not to do for themselves.” She was speaking at a panel on the evolution of the CMO role at AdWeek Europe.

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