The most successful B2B tweets are read by people that sales teams don’t reach

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March 21, 2019, 4:56 PM UTC

While there may be “no one solution” for Twitter success, a mixed approach can help.

This study set out to understand the objectives, strategies and tactics that top B2B brands use on Twitter. The researchers used a combination of psychological, sociological and traditional marketing science concepts to try to explain the difference between the best and worst performing tweets from 10 brands across 5 categories in 2017.

Few clear patterns emerged. Looking at the objectives of the tweets, a focus on “awareness”, “knowledge and trust” and “interest and liking” was found in both the high and low engagement posts. And although emphasis on building “preference” and “conviction” was found more often in the high performing tweets, the complexity of the data meant that the researchers concluded the use of these tactics was not the reason they fared better.

But a key finding was that successful B2B tweets were ones that attracted types of readers who are not usually reached by salespeople, but may still be potential customers. So B2B twitter strategies might benefit from comprising a mixture of approaches.

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