Unify data and use AI to deliver better real time customer experiences

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March 26, 2019, 4:13 PM UTC

Interacting with users in real time is both a priority and a challenge for marketers.

This article notes that as customers now have “nuanced and sophisticated” expectations of a brand’s engagement efforts, delivering personalised messaging in real time can help brands connect consumer’s online and offline experiences.

With marketers having to deal with data spread across multiple departments, the author recommends using data management platforms (DMPs) to gather insights, segment audiences and manage customer identities. This could help marketers open up new and innovative real time engagement opportunities.

Additionally, the use of AI can be beneficial for marketers looking to scale up their marketing efforts. AI can be useful in personalising real time interactions while keeping in mind the privacy concerns that consumers might have. Being mindful of such privacy concerns can help marketers earn and retain consumer trust, which is one of the challenges brands face. 

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