Personalised, relevant and specific messages can help marketers reach prospective influencers

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April 10, 2019, 1:21 PM UTC

Using the recipient's first name in the subject line of email pitches can improve open rates by 26%.

Around 69% marketers globally consider influencer marketing as an essential tool. But getting through an influencer’s mailbox can be a tough challenge.

For micro-influencers, following and engaging with their posts can help. But the author recommends focussing on personalised mails or other social media channels for major celebrities, and suggests providing more relevant details in their messages to make them more personal and catch an influencer’s attention.

It's not advisable to start with a generalised salutation or informal declaration like "Dear Blogger" or "We'd love to collaborate." Instead, aligning messages to an influencers’ choices and previous posts and including a clear breakdown of goals and limitations can be helpful. A thoughtful follow-up with a proper reference can also break a silence in the conversation. 

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