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Blue Fountain Media surveyed 1000 18-55s in the US to identify consumer sentiments and buying behaviour on social media.

The survey found that 75% of customers said their social media feeds are overrun by ads. But in spite of this, 70% of customers do click on ads in their social media feeds. At 38%, customers are most likely to click on an ad on Facebook, closely followed by Instagram at 37%.

The findings state that 65% of consumers “like” when such ads expose to them to products they wouldn’t have found otherwise. Discounts are big motivators for 36% of the consumers to click and buy a product.

A “turn off” for 28% of consumers were ads for products that they have no interest in. And around 27% consumers don’t like ads that use audio, while 23% don’t like being retargeted with “similar” ads.  

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