Emotional responses to OOH ads peak between 9 and 12 exposures

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April 23, 2019, 6:35 AM UTC

A study applied the Mere Exposure Effect from cognitive science to outdoor advertising.

This article reports a research project involving 325 people using VR headsets to understand OOH advertising effectiveness by measuring the viewer’s awareness and emotional response to four ads from global brands.

The research was designed to understand how many times the viewer has to be exposed to an OOH ad for it to have an effect on consumers, and whether it is possible to measure the peak level of exposure. The research findings uncovered the “wear in” and “wear out” curves for responses to different levels of exposure.

They showed that an ad reaches its critical mass where its impact was maximized between 9 and 12 exposures. After that the emotional response started to decline. The researchers say they have applied the findings to everyday practice by varying messages where they know ad exposure is high.

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