Ads that are consistent with their landing pages result in more customer engagement

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April 24, 2019, 4:54 PM UTC

Having landing pages which are in line with their ad offers helps in better conversions.  

“Ad scent” describes the continuity and similarity between an ad and its landing page. Landing pages which are more in tune with the ads that lead to them - and so have a consistent “scent” - can push up conversions.

This piece explains that meeting user expectations when they visit the landing pages via ads should be the primary focus of advertisers. Having uniform design elements like colour scheme, images and fonts on both the ad and on the landing pages helps the customer find exactly what they were searching for.

Brands should maintain the consistency of offers across the ad and its landing page as drifting away from these promises can result in losing the customer. By curating their ads around the benefits of their product, marketers can maintain the flow in the pages resulting in better conversions.

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