Creating and owning a brand voice is important to engage audiences

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April 24, 2019, 1:47 PM UTC

A tone of voice gives audiences a sense of the brand and its values.

The author highlights the increasing importance of tone of voice given the rise of social media. This rise brings with it a larger audience and possibly more brand representatives. These representatives can use the brand’s tone of voice to help build relationships with the target audience.

The wrong tone of voice can hurt a brand. But getting the tone of voice right can determine what impact it has on consumers. The key to develop a tone of voice while balancing sales goals, creative vision and authenticity is to make this a joint process among key stakeholders in the company.

To develop a tone of voice, brands can identify adjectives that would best describe it as if they were a person. This brand voice can be used to develop a brand manifesto and purpose statements.

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