Measuring message consistency improves customer journeys

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April 26, 2019, 1:28 PM UTC

Taxonomies and machine learning can help brands determine their messaging consistency.

Measuring the consistency of brand messages involves identifying whether messages are in line with the brand’s strategies and also to see whether individual brand assets “make sense” as a collective. A Salesforce study cited in the article finds that 80% of customers think that user experience is as important as the brand’s products and services.

One of the recommendations made is to maintain consistency of messages through using a taxonomy. This can help marketers correct “misaligned” messaging. It is also suggested that machine learning technologies could help detect and remove inconsistencies at scale.

Identifying and maintaining consistency of brand messaging can help brand teams reduce their reliance on each other. This can also let marketers ensure that brand messages are aligned with the larger strategy and they don’t dilute key messages.

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