Social media audits can help brands decide which platforms to focus on for better growth

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April 26, 2019, 5:19 PM UTC

Analysing engagement data and figuring what content has worked in the past can make social media accounts perform better.

Brands need to regularly update their social media pages to avoid stagnation and increase consumer engagement. This article advises brands to list all their social media accounts before running any audit.

Marketers should analyse the traffic driven by social media and the subsequent sales conversions to understand their social media reach. By factoring in the value each of their platforms provide, they can use this data to better allocate appropriate budgets.

The article suggests that brands don’t need to be on every social network and can discard any channel which does not seem to be working for them. They should also look at engagement data and figure out where the accounts were doing well, then try to build strategies around content that has worked best in the past.

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