Geo-targeting campaigns can help marketers increase sales for their physical outlets

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April 30, 2019, 5:49 PM UTC

Marketers should take care of regulation changes, a proliferation of new data and attribution while using location-based targeting

Location-based campaigning can help marketers drive up their sales and increase their consumer engagement. BIA Advisory Services shows that marketers will spend over $26 billion in 2019 on location-based data for campaigning.

Marketers need to focus their campaigns around physical locations like retail stores or restaurants, where they can optimise the campaign for their target demographic. Event companies and professional sports teams can also use location-based targeting to reach out to the right audience to help increase footfall.

The demand for geo-targeting is expected to rise further with the advent of 5G creating massive quantities of data with extremely precise locations. Brands would need to be careful about new regulations and collecting data from sensitive locations like hospitals.

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