Marketers should adopt a measured approach to customer data analysis

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April 30, 2019, 1:32 PM UTC

65% of marketers agree that analysing customer data is necessary for functional and impactful experiences. 

Understanding and leveraging consumer data are pivotal for delivering an impactful marketing campaign. The author contends large scale changes are not necessarily needed for leveraging the data, but marketers can get effective results from taking smaller steps concentrating on meeting organisational needs.

Brands should create a central database that helps map out the customer’s online as well as offline journey. The author contends that if marketers adopt a flexible strategy using the insights from the unified data they can drive relevant and effective customer responses.

Since technology is constantly updated, an effective data-driven marketing strategy has to start small and move steadily. Marketers can then implement AI to understand past campaign responses and create a more functional marketing strategy for long-term goals.

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