Receptivity for video ads changes depending on customer mindset

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May 03, 2019, 6:18 PM UTC

IAB surveyed 1,544 US consumers belonging to above 13 years’ age group.

Video adverts are received in different ways by consumers depending on their mindset at the time of viewing.  Receptiveness towards ads also depends on the consumer’s intent of watching a video, age group and video streaming device.

Most viewers’ watch videos for relaxation at the end of the day but a substantial 75% also watch it while taking a break or travelling. According to the survey, viewers tend to be more receptive to advertisements when they are watching videos for educational or instructional purposes.

While 80% of viewers are okay with watching ads in exchange for free content, 56% said that they prefer or are more open to contextual ads. Targeted ads based on consumer behaviour and video context are also likely to increase viewers’ receptivity towards them.

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