Brands should use voice technology to reduce friction and boost engagement

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May 06, 2019, 11:36 AM UTC

According to a report cited in this piece, currently 26.2% of US adults own smart speakers.

The article suggests that brands use voice technology to reduce friction which is the time and effort spent by a consumer in completing a task. Brands can reduce friction by allowing customers to use voice assistants to make appointments and take surveys, for example.

The article cites a Deloitte survey conducted in 2018 which revealed that 47% and 69% of respondents use smart speakers daily and weekly, respectively. Voice technology can help extend the brand to these users and drive engagement.

The author also states that only creating a voice experience is not enough, brands should work on making users aware of it to encourage engagement. And, to raise awareness around the new voice experiences, brands should use their existing communication channels.

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