Providing free resources to potential clients can increase lead conversion rates

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May 06, 2019, 2:00 PM UTC

Built-in lead generation forms within LinkedIn and Facebook can be an efficient demand generation tool.

Implementing demand generation tactics into PPC campaigns can help marketers get increased lead volume and efficiently move existing prospects through the sales funnel. Marketers can provide industry know-how to get customers interested in their product. 

As most professionals prefer email for business communication, the author suggests getting people sign-up for newsletters to help brands build a credible relationship with consumers. Once signed up, marketers can reach consumers with targeted email marketing messages.

Customers can be encouraged to sign up in exchange for free access to assets like eBooks, whitepaper and case studies. Since all consumers will not be interested in whitepapers and newsletters, so this piece advises providing a webinar on relevant topics to help move the customer along the funnel.

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