Banter between rival brands on social platforms is risky but can be used to get media attention

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May 08, 2019, 10:46 AM UTC

A feud between competing brands can engage consumers and push them to “choose a side”.

This article notes brands have often used manufactured or real “feuds” with their rivals on as a marketing tactic and some are now doing this on social media, especially fast food chains. A tactic like this can also help brands to find their voice.

Before starting a feud, marketers should ensure that they have established a “bold and independent identity”. Having a clear and personable voice allows them to humanise their interactions and add “bite” to their comebacks. And brands with strong personalities can better deal with rival brands that might try to start a feud.

The time taken in seeking approvals for posts may hinder a brand’s ability to “clap back” quickly to the rivals. But for consumers, such banter pushes them to “choose a side”. Brands risk their egos taking a hit, but the reward is “explosive” media attention.

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