56% of marketers feel GDPR has positively affected their email marketing campaigns

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May 09, 2019, 2:47 PM UTC

Increased consumer trust in brands has improved customer engagement for email marketing.

This article cites a DMA report stating that consumers’ trust in brands has grown within a year of implementation of GDPR. The rules have also made 41% of consumers feel more confident about how brands handle their data.

GDPR has had a significant positive impact on email marketing and consumers’ long term trust in brands. Consumers have been receiving fewer emails from brands after the new rules came into effect, while marketers have been getting better responses.

Most UK marketers consider themselves to be over 82% compliant with GDPR, with 20% claiming to be 100% compliant. The author cites John Mitchison, Director of policy and compliance at DMA, saying that GDPR will “continue to impact” both marketers and consumers.

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