Brands should understand the local market before launching an international campaign

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May 14, 2019, 6:27 AM UTC

Successful campaigns require long term planning and sustained investment.

Marketers should understand local audiences and pay attention to local customs, culture, and laws before they launch an international ad campaign. The piece says that it is essential for brands to understand how local audiences perceive the product in their cultural context.

Conducting polls and hiring local consultants not only helps brands to navigate the market barriers but also helps in focusing on the benefits that resonate with the consumer. Partnering up with local distributors or companies can help brands to establish authenticity and get over consumer suspicion of outsider brands.

The author says that brands should focus on a long-term strategy spread across multiple ad platforms like social media and print to design a successful ad campaign. Each geographical area needs to be considered as a market on its own with distinctive advertisements to target the local audience.

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