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24% of respondents found search and social media marketing technologies least difficult to utilise.

A report by Ascend2 surveyed 245 marketing influencers and found that 53% of respondents consider automation, email and CRM products as the most effective marketing technologies. 43% of those surveyed find data, dashboard and analytics tools as the most effective.

50% of respondents noted optimisation, personalisation and testing tools to be the most difficult marketing technologies to use, 40% of them reported experience and relationship marketing tools as the toughest to use.

Where 24% of respondents find search and social media marketing tools least difficult to use, advertising and promotion (AdTech) tools are considered so by 25% of those surveyed. Additionally, 63% of respondents are expecting a moderate increase in their marketing technology’s budget with 11% of them are expecting a decrease. About 26% of them are expecting a significant increase in budget.

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