Brands need to partner with authentic influencers to reach the right audience

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May 20, 2019, 4:52 PM UTC

22% of marketers say proving ROI of influencers is their toughest challenge.

This piece says that brand awareness is the biggest reward for partnering with influencers and measuring sales linked to affiliate links should not be the sole measure of ROI. Marketers need to think holistically about influencer partnerships instead of focusing on short-term returns.

Marketers should look beyond generic posts and working with influencers who don’t have a connection with the brand, to increase their ROI. Working with micro influencers, who have followers in tens of thousands, can spread out the brand’s budget and create more personalised connections.

While it is preferable that the influencer creates the brand’s partnership content to look authentic, they can alternatively also create content that fits the influencer’s aesthetic. The article contends that partnering with someone whose timeline is full of partnership posts could lead to waste of time and money.

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