Cookie-dependant ad companies need a first-party data strategy

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May 22, 2019, 12:02 PM UTC

This is to deal with Apple and Google tightening control of third-party cookies for their browsers.  

Apple’s browser, Safari, by default doesn’t recognise third-party cookies. Google Chrome is now going to emphasise first-party data and “deemphasise” third-party cookies. This will create a “data wall” around Google’s ad business reducing the reach of third-party data for its dependents.

Ad-tech businesses dependent on cookie data should deal with these changes by educating themselves and building an appropriate strategy. The author recommends creating a first-party identity graph which includes multiple ID components and identity methods. Cookie-dependant ad companies should invest in contextual advertising technology alongside “aggressive” use of Amazon advertising services.

To keep revenue intact, first-party publishers should change the classification of third party cookies to first party. Ultimately, publishers must focus on increasing the value of first-party data. This could result in increased revenue for smart publishers.

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