Customer testimonial videos have the potential to turn viewers into purchasers

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May 22, 2019, 12:46 PM UTC

Social media posts with videos are more likely to create higher engagement than posts without videos.

This piece says that consumers find video to be the most transparent format on Social media and marketers should use videos to enhance conversion rates. According to Twitter, including videos in promoted tweets can save as much as 50% in cost per engagement. 

While “How-to videos” can be informative and engaging to the audience, marketers should also include product videos in their social media campaigns. Product videos which highlight the key benefits of the product can help brands create a substantial impact on the consumers’ purchase decision. 

Customers tend to look for reviews before purchasing a product, and customer testimonial videos allow them to hear from other people who have used the product. The article suggests that brands should invest in customer testimonial videos, which are more relatable to the consumers and build up trust.

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